We understand you may have questions regarding your new purchase. We have attempted to answer some of our most frequently asked questions for you.

Q: What is more durable, leather or fabric ?

A: Usually leather if you look after it properly, which means cleaning and conditioning it regularly.

Q: What are the frames made of ?

A: The leather suites have Australian or New Zealand sustainable pine timber and ply wood frames. The Australian madesuites have ply wood and furniture grade pine frames.

Q: What sort of foam do you use in the seats and backs ?

A: Seats have either pocket springs for more durability or an assortment of High resilience foam (HR Foam) or regular seating foam. Backs are either foam or loose fill depending on the sofa.

Q: What feet can we have on our suite ?

A: Many styles in our selection in metal and wood are available for sofas. Recliner suites are built on the recliner mechanism and generally do not have legs, although some electric recliner models do have legs

Q: Can we have the suites made longer ?

A: Yes, most recliner suites can be made wider or narrower by as many seat sizes as required, although there are some sofas that cannot.

Q: What type of leather is it ?

A: Your choice of 100% cow leather or buffalo leather on all suites. You also have a choice of several Semi-Analine leather coloursor your choice of fabrics if this is required. NB: Not all colours are available in the different types of leather and batch colours may vary slightly

Q: Can I get a suite in any colour ?

A: Yes, a wide range of colours are available.

Q: Can you deliver ?

A: Yes, delivery service is available. For country and interstate customers there are a number of companies we use to deliver your lounge. Obviously freight to regional areas can be higher and lead times for pickups can take longer to less popular routes

Q: Do you provide a warranty ?

A: Yes we do offer a 5 year warranty on the frames and a 2 year warranty on materials. It is difficult to offer anything longer as there is no guarantee how the consumer will treat the lounge. This can have a major impact on the expected life of the lounge if it is not cared for properly.

Q: What happens if there is a problem with my suite and I live somewhere other than Brisbane ?

A: As long as the problem is caused by a manufacturing issue and is within the terms of our warranty we will arrange for a local upholsterer to come and fix the problem.

Q: Where is the leather from ?

A: All our leather is from Italian owned tanneries that supplies our leather lounge manufacturer in Malaysia.

Q: How do I look after the leather ?

A: Generally, a quick clean with a damp cloth once or twice a week is necessary to remove sweat or oils that can dry out the leather, and then three or four times a year, clean the whole suite with a leather cleaner and afterwards use a leather conditioner to keep the leather supple. NB: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT MARK THE LEATHER WITH PEN OR TEXTA AS THIS WILL PROVE VERY DIFFICULT TO REMOVE. ALSO, DO NOT USE ANY COMMERCIAL CLEANERS OR KITCHEN CLEANERS AS THIS MAY AFFECT THE LEATHER

Q: Are the leather suites available in fabric ?

A: Yes, all suites are available in either our manufacturers fabrics or Warwick Fabrics.

Q: Do you have any payment options available ?

A: Sorry, after careful consideration we have ceased any payment plans as we do not believe, ethically, that they are something we want to encourage our customers to become involved in. We would rather miss a sale than have a customer pay thousands of dollars more for a lounge than what the listed price is.

Again, sorry for this lack of flexibility but it makes us sleep better knowing we are not creating a financial nightmare for families.