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Leather Lounges in Brisbane

At Devlin Lounges located in Wacol just west of Brisbane, we’ve built and crafted a reputation for timeless
leather lounges in Brisbane for over two decades. With a wide selection of leather options, at Devlin Lounges we ensure that your home will be furnished
with the perfect leather lounge measured just for your space. While fabric lounges
are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and durable; Devlin Lounges offers a particularly exceptional range of leather lounges which are a timeless, authentic, and stylish addition to your home.

Offering leather couches, full leather lounge suites, office chairs and recliners; at Devlin Lounges,
flexibility is our fundamental ethos that ensures your happiness with your personalised
leather couch. Here, you can choose between one seaters, two seaters, three seaters, four seaters,
chaises, corner suites, recliners and many more. As a small business, you will always be
prioritised and ensured the best experience possible with our staff. At extremely
competitive prices, we arguably offer Brisbane’s best range of genuine leather lounges. When choosing your
next leather sofa, please contact us at our Brisbane showroom or browse online to view our leather
and fabric lounges.

What are the advantages of our leather lounges?

The lounge room is arguably the most important room in your home. This is the place you go to when relaxation is on your mind, so choosing the
perfect sofa is often a difficult decision to make. At Devlin Lounges we offer a
comprehensive range of leather sofas, lounge suites, office chairs and recliners. Here, our
leather sofa’s combine sophistication, luxury, and authenticity to encompass your ideal
lounge and make your space beautiful. We pride ourselves on the design of our leather

Short History of Leather Lounges

Leather lonuges have been around throughout history, from ancient Greece and medieval England to mid-
century America and modern living rooms.
With roots in the early dynastic periods of Egypt and Greece, the leather couch has been a
timeless staple in the rooms of nobility and royalty. As leather upholstery became
increasingly popularised, the demand for detailed craftsmanship emerged and became the
basis for the highly popular leather furniture available at Devlin Lounges. With the changing
nature of design, at Devlin Lounges we incorporate the rich and vibrant history of leather
lounges into our stock selections. Leather lounges are one of our most popular products
given its benefits as a durable and comfortable material that is both timeless and trendy.
Leather sofa’s will always be timeless no matter the design or style.

Choice of Modern Leather Sofa or a Traditional Leather Lounge

At Devlin Lounges, you can bring history into your interiors with our wide selection of
traditional leather couches. You can also opt for our popular modern leather sofa styles that suit almost all
rooms with modern and mid-century interiors. Leather furniture, in its entirety, is extremely
timeless and classy being the perfect addition to your home and adds warmth to your space.

Benefits of Leather Furniture

No matter your individual tastes, Devlin Lounges leather couches embrace versatility and are
seamlessly incorporated into your home or office space. A Devlin Lounges leather
lounge possesses a desirable texture and softness with a general aesthetic of timelessness
making it a perfect choice for the present and the future.

Have kids? No worries. At Devlin Lounges, our range of leather lounges are extremely
durable and have the ability to repel food and beverage spills. No need to fret over your
children’s spills on your leather couch as our selection of leathers are made with the upmost
quality and durability. Leather sofas are renowned for their durability and long-lasting
quality which make them the perfect choice for those with children. Leather lounges can be
cleaned with a quick wipe of a wet cloth perfect for busy parents. Our leather ranges are
also ideal for those with allergies as all our leather couches are hypoallergenic and repel
dust mites, pet hair and other allergens. Overall, Devlin Lounges’ leather sofas are the
perfect addition to your home; waiting patiently for you to walk through your door, kick off
your shoes, sit down and sink into relaxation.

Are the leather lounges good quality?

At Devlin Lounges, our leather lounges are made in 100% leather. Here, your leather will be
authentic and create a stylish atmosphere unmatched by other materials on the
market. We offer only the highest quality top-grain leather lounges for sale in Brisbane. Top
grain leather is the best choice for our leather furniture and ensures the greatest quality for
upholstery. The top grain leather is the outermost layer from a cowhide similar to full grain
yet generally requires alterations beyond the removal of hair. Here, the leather’s surface is
corrected through very fine mechanical sanding to rid the leather of excessive natural
markings or blemishes.
Top grain leather is renowned for being the most consistent and durable leather grains
which makes it perfect for our leather sofas. Leather is the perfect option for durability in a
sofa and is the perfect option for those with children. Here, Devlin Lounges uses both cow
and buffalo leather which is renowned as being both beautiful in appearance and durable
enough to withstand a lifetime of use. Priding ourselves on using the best materials, the
quality of our leather can be both shown through the markings and the distinctive rich and
sweet smell.

Browsing leather options may be intimidating, however there are some
trustworthy methods to ensure that you are purchasing the best quality
leather. Here, an item of good leather quality usually has quality stitching to match. At
Devlin Lounges, our leather lounges uphold quality upholstery which translates to the
quality of our leather and craftsmanship.

Robust Timber Frames on all Leather Couches

While picking the best quality of leather is essential for choosing your leather sofa, framing
is essential for the durability of your couch. At Devlin Lounges, frames are made of
Australian or New Zealand Pine from sustainable forests. Plywood is also used in the frame.
Seating is made from either of four specifications depending on the model and comfort
level: non sag springs and pocket springs; webbing and pocket springs; wedding and HR
(high resilience) foam; non sag springs and HR foam. All materials used in our leather sofas
are of upmost quality which ensure the durability of your leather lounge.

What colour leather couch is best?

There is no such thing as the best colour for your leather lounge. While trends come and go,
we’ve ensured the best and most versatile colours are available for you and your genuine leather
couch. At Devlin Lounges, the quality of our leather sofas exceeds expectations with the
unique ability to customise your couch’s size and colour to your liking and space by adding seats (does not include chnaging dimensions). Our

elegant configurations of two- and three-seater leather sofas, armchairs, recliners and
ottomans are available in an array of colours.
Trends come and go, but quality is forever. That is why at Devlin Lounges we have
curated a selected collection of leather colours which are the most popular, versatile, and
durable. The most popular colours of dark tan, light brown, dark brown and black are always
a reliable option to build the foundations of your leather sofa and develop a tasteful look by incorporating cushions or rugs. Our wonderful palette does not only consist of browns and
blacks, but also extends to green leather lounges oranges leather sofas and red leather couches which provide the perfect pop of
colour in your room. At Devlin Lounges, we will always accommodate for your tastes
on your leather couch; whether you want an eclectic pop of colour or maintain neutral
tones in your leather sofa.

Below is a list of colours that Devlin Lounges can provide for your home or office:

  • Black leather lounge
  • White leather lounge
  • Blue leather longe
  • Tan leather lounge
  • Brown leather  sofa
  • Green leather sofa
  • Ivory leather sofa
  • Oxblood leather sofa
  • Latte leather sofa
  • Coffee leather couch
  • Burgandy leather couch
  • Orange leather couch
  • Lime leather couch

Of course there are many diffefent shades in our selection and some that are not on display in the colour pages – Please call to confirm if there is a colour we can help you with.

What is a reasonable price for a leather sofa?

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality leather lounges at affordable prices. That is
why, at Devlin Lounges, we will always place the customer first when choosing your leather
couch. While sometimes a difficult decision to make, our staff will always prioritise your
happiness when choosing your leather sofa. When shopping for your new leather lounge,
we recommend measuring your space, so your new purchase incorporates seamlessly into
your new home. Have other family members? Make sure to take their needs into account
when purchasing a leather sofa so we can provide the best options at a reasonable price.