If you are looking for a cheap leather or fabric recliner chair in Brisbane you have found the right place

Cheap recliner chairs in Brisbane  

There are a cheap recliner chairs that are cheap, and then then there are cheap recliner chairs Brisbane. With the low overhead business model pursued by Devlin Lounges since 2003, we have been providing quality leather lounges to the Brisbane market at the right price. 

With such a large range of recliner chairs, you are sure to find the perfect seat for your home or office. Leather recliner chairs are what we are famous for. A large selection of  colours are available for selection. Upholstered in 100% topside leather the efforts to provide the Brisbane market with a great product are second to none.  

Some notable recliner chairs in our range include the Horizon, which is available as either a manual recliner chair, an electric recliner chair, and electric lift recliner or a 2 seater and 3 seater options. All this with the ability to have both a motorised lumbar and headrest adjustment.

The 3180 encapsulates all that is desired whn purchasing a new new recliner suite, from it ability to be configured as a home theatre recliner seating to a corner or 3 seater configuration the 3180 is a modern classic designed with the new home build and modern flavour in mind.

All our recliner chairs are available as fabric recliner chairs. Apart from the obvious difference in texture, look and feel, a fabric recliner will give you the opportunity to add colour, tone and texture to your space. We use both our house fabrics, and our Warwick Fabrics to provide the consumer with a broad choice of cloth and fabric to suit their home or office.

If you are tired of searching for cheap recliner chairs brisbane then make the effort to come out to come out the Devlin Lounges and find your perfect range of recliner chairs. 

Cheapest Leather Recliners in Brisbane

There may be cheaper leather recliners in Brisbane, but they would normally either be on clearance or on a special price promotion. For the most consistently low priced recliner chairs look no further than Devlin Lounges. When considering the range and colour variation that is available from Devlin Lounges you will be astounded that the retailer is not telling you what they can not do, but what they can do. Yes, there are some colours that Devlin’s do not range but they would be few and far between. The integration between the retailer and the  manufacturing facility ensure flexibility in configuration and covers will enable you to source the recliner you want, at the cheapest price.

Motorised recliners are available on all our recliners for a mimimal charge. Shopping at other major retailers has become inflexible with many retailers only offerng full electric recliner versions. At Devlin Lounges you can order most of our recliner chairs in either a manual mechanism or a electric motorised version.