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Devlin Lounges range a variety of leather home theatre lounges and seating options to fit into your room. As well as the home theatre sets displayed you also have the option of ordering any of our recliner chairs as Home Theatre sets if you prefer a different style. You can add or reduce the amount of seats to fit your space. If you want electric recliner chairs you can also order these at a small extra cost. These electric recliners use a high quality electric recliner mechanism that has been designed in Germany. They have the advantage of allowing a chair to stop at any interval rather than the two settings that most manual recliner chairs feature. Two power plugs are usually enough for a 4 seat home theatre lounges setting. If you want a true custom made home theatre seating option, you can order from a range of leather or fabric from our factory, or choose from the huge selection of fabrics from Warwick Fabrics. Always make sure you come armed with your dimensions in the room so you can analyse how many seats you can fit into your space. At Devlin Lounges we will do our best to find the right seating option to suit your space, comfort and decor.