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A Chesterfield Sofa will add Class to any Room

Classical style has not gone out of fashion especially when you can purchase these traditional Chesterfield sofas from Devlin Lounges  and Chesterfield Sofas Brisbane, quality Chesterfields are only a short drive away.They look great as an Oxblood Chesterfield or any of a range of traditional and modern colourswhile  Brown Chesterfield Sofas look great in the classic or heritage style home and are perfect in a Snooker room or Man Cave. Chesterfields are perfect to ensure your office or reception area presents that special touch of class.


These beautiful suites are manufactured in the traditional fashion with 100% Italian Cow hide. With pocket springs in the bottom cushions and a frame manufactured using a combination of hard wood, plywood and New Zealand Pine. They will provide years of style in any setting.


While Chesterfields can be seen as old school, or a bit old fashioned, they can be modernised by having them made in a fabric, such as velvet. A funky alternative is to have them made in a leather such as orange, or lime green. White and Ivory leather chesterfield sofas are very popular. As a formal piece in the lounge room, or as an everyday couch, chesterfields bring a texture to a room that is difficult to replicate. Most modern sofas have square lines and minimal stitching. As well as the simple structure they do not really add any texture to the space. Chesterfields have the ability to be the focal point of a room purely on their unique design.

It is very common for designers, or home owners to “dress up” a couch by buying cushions in different designs and colours to contrast with their new lounge. A chesterfield lounge is a statement! There is no need to dress it up because it makes its own statement by its design. From the deep buttoned detail to the studs on the arm facings, the chesterfield is a conversation piece. Visitors will come to your home and office and comment. Some people love them, some people hate them. But everyone has an opinion.

All of our chesterfields sofa range is also available in 100% cow hide in a range of colours and your choice of Warwick Fabrics. We have suites that are as diverse as the traditional Chesterfield style for that classic look. The Rwanda is a classic design with the bonus of recliners for those who are determined to retain a refined style. The Winchester is available in many configurations to fit your space.

How to make a Custom Chesterfield Sofa

There are several ways for you to customise your chesterfield. At Devlin Lounges you can get you chesterfields upholstered in either leather or fabric. We have a range of leather colours for you to choose from. Choose from solid colours such as Black, White and Cappuccino, to the more traditional colours such as Oxblood, (washed off burgandy), washed off brown and washed off green. We use and recommend Warwick Fabrics for a wide range of patterns and styles. Chesterfields look great in a velvet or linen. Our factory also has a range of fabrics for you to choose from which are usually more competitively priced.

You can choose from a selection of studs for the detail around the arm facings. As a basic option we use a stud strip which is a brass colour with a black centre. You can also choose either silver or brass individual studs to individualise your new chesterfield sofa.

2 Seater Chesterfield Sofas to Fit your Space Perfectly

While a full set of chesterfield sofas is desired by many, sometimes you can only fit a 2 seater chesterfield into your space. Most of the 2 seat chesterfields are about 1650mm long, just big enough to fill the space and add a truely special sofa to you rroom. As we know, you can’t put a square peg in a round hole and the 2 seater chesterfield could be solution to your space problem.

The Classic 3 seater Chesterfield Lounge

The image that permeates many prospective chesterfield owners is that of the classic 3 seater  chesterfield. The image of an Oxblood 3 seater chesterfield lounge is renowned throughout the world as the picture of afluence and wealth. from the cigar lounge to the Lawyers office to the home, the 3 seater chesterfield sofa will provide the look that no other sofa can provide.

Chesterfield Club Chair

For the perfect accent chair the chesterfield 1 seater is a comfortable and stately option. Available as a velvet chesterfield 1 seater or leather chesterfield 1 seater feel the deep sumptious comfort as you collapse into your new chesterfield club chair. The wide roll arms will support your tired shoulders and give great back support.