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Chesterfield Sofas are a Timeless Furniture Piece

Classical style has not gone out of fashion. Especially when you can purchase these traditional Chesterfield Sofas and leather Chesterfield Lounges from Devlin Lounges. These beautiful suites are manufactured in the traditional fashion with 100% Italian Cow hide. Additionally, with pocket springs in the bottom cushions and hard wood frames, they will provide years of style and comfort in your room. Chesterfield Sofas look great as an Oxblood Chesterfield or any of a range of traditional and modern colours. Chesterfields are perfect in surroundings such as the Snooker room. Naturally the classic or heritage style home is where a Chesterfield Sofa really looks fantastic. Undoubtedly, a Chesterfield Sofa is also the perfect suite to ensure your office or reception area presents that special touch of class.

All of our chesterfield range are available in 100% cow hide in a range of colours and your choice of Warwick fabrics. We have suites that are as diverse as the traditional Chesterfield style for that classic look. Alternatively, we range the Rwanda Recliner Suite which is a classic design with the bonus of recliners for exceptional comfort. Moreover, we offer a comprehensive warranty on all our products.

Chesterfield Sofas in Different Configurations

Our Chesterfield Sofas have the advantage of being able to be ordered in many different configurations. Why settle for just a 2 seater or 3 seater that the retailer has available. The Winchester Chesterfield Sofa is a great example of what is possible when buying your chesterfield lounges through Devlin Lounges. Furthermore, you can order the Winchester in a 1 seater chesterfield, 2 seater chesterfield, 3 seater chesterfield and a corner chesterfield.

Devlin Lounges are a speciality store. This means you can order what YOU want and not what the retailer is trying to sell you. To have that sort of flexibility is priceless. You may have to wait a little while for your perfect chesterfield, but you will get what you want.

Fabric Chesterfields as Well

Thats right. You can order you Chesterfield Sofas in fabric as well. Their appears to be a  constant trend toward the next big thing. But some things are timeless and one of them happens to be Chesterfield Sofas. Also, with a range of fabrics available from our supplier, you can reduce the cost of the new sofa by a substantial amount. Alternatively, the option of buying your new lounge and having it upholstered in a great quality Warwick Fabric can be very appealing as well. Warwick have over 30,000 different fabrics available and the customer is sure to be able to find something to complement there room.

Velvet Chesterfields are a particularly popular, and timeless addition to many homes. They add a great contrast to other furniture in the room. Moreover, as a stand alone piece they are sure to be conversation starter.

Chesterfield Sofas Brisbane and Surrounding Areas

Devlin Lounges deliver throughout Australia. A customer can come into the showroom and try out the Devlin Lounges range. Ultimately, customers will make a considered judgement on the quality and value for money of the product.

Chesterfield Sofas are very popular. Unfortunately, we occasionally run low of Winchester 3 seaters and 2 seaters. Stock is usually kept In conclusion, customers can see the quality of the lounge before ordering. Not only that, colours and fabric choices can be made to suit the space.