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Executive Leather Office Chair

Devlin Lounges great range of leather executive office chairs will add style and sophistication to any room. From the Nadia Office Chair to the traditional Argyle Captains Chair there are several chairs in the range to choose from. The range of chesterfield office chairs are constructed with quality materials including 100% genuine leather or fabric. We use a range of fabrics from our major fabric house – Warwick Fabrics and there are a myriad of choices available that are sure to suit your room.

Chesterfield Office Chair

Our range of luxury office chairs are firmly within the chesterfield office chair style. With deep buttoned detail the chairs are built to last, and under normal use will last many years. There is a height adjustment and they can also tilt backwards and be locked off if you want to remain uprigth and not “rock” although there is something nice about rocking back in your new luxurious office chairand put your feet up on the desk.

Argyle Captains Chair with Finely Detailed Timber Arms

Sometimes you may not want a large high back office chair and the thought of purchasing a Captains Chair appeals to you. We have all seen these very popular chairs in the movies from Moby Dick to Master and Commander, the luxurious high quality look of a traditional Captians Office Chair will become a talking  piece in your home and have your friends askingwhere you purchased it from.

Black Leather Office Chairs

While many of us consider the impact of a white leather office chair, or even an orange one for the braver ones amongst us, a Black Leather Office Chair ticks all the boxes of being both stylish and pragmatic. Black goes with almost any decor and the fact that it is dark means that if you accidentally drop your pen you will not notice the marks. With the 100% leather genuine upholstery it will gve you years of use and as the leather stretches with age – it will become more comfortable. Don’t be limited by colour choice, there is a huge range of leather colours available for you to choose from.