HT Nova Home Theatre Seating


Flexible Home Theatre Seating that will fit your Space

HOME THEATRE SEATING is an important decision when developing your ideas for Home theatre rooms. They are becoming more popular in todays modern homes. Devlin Lounges have a range of quality home theatre seating to offer at very competitive prices. Generally we see that customers come into the showroom with a certain space and they are finding it hard to fill with seats that are suitable. Many retailers range home theatre seating, but only have a certain configuration, be it 3 seats or a 4 seater.

You can order the HT Nova in many configurations to fit your room. The best process we have found is to:

  • Measure your space.
  • Draw a plan so we can see where doors and power points are located.
  • Have an understanding how many chairs you would like to have in your space.
  • Discuss what sort of cover you would prefer. i.e leather or fabric
  • Do you want electric recliners or are manual recliners ok.
  • Come and see us and we can then discuss your options to fill your space most effectively.

Our home theatre recliner chairs are also available with USB chargers to charge your devices.


The HT Nova home theatre seating have the quality that others lack with your choice of quality covering, either 100% leather recliners, or top quality Warwick Fabrics, with your choice of high resilience foam orpocket sprung bottom cushions and a solid frame made from hardwood, New Zealand Pine and plywood that will provide years of cinematic comfort and pleasure.

Flexible Seating for your Home Cinema

You may also configure the HT Nova with consoles or without to fill your space. The consoles are available either straight or as a ‘wedge’ to place outside recliners on an angle for better viewing. We find these wedge consoles are great if the screen is small or you are sitting close to the screen – generally within 3 metres or so.If you are particularly tight with space, you can have the recliners manufactured using internal triggers. We have installed home theatre recliners that have had barely a couple of centimetres to fit!

Electric Recliner Comfort

Why not spoil yourself and purchase your new home theatre recliners as electric recliners? For an extra $250 for each electric recliner mechanism you can have gold class comfort in you own home theatre room. We use high quality motors covered by a one year warranty for peace of mind. You can also choose to have one or two seats electric if you prefer and the other ones manual. At Devlin Lounges you get great flexibility and quality at a fraction of the cost.
Why not give us a call and see if we can help you find the perfect home theatre seating to go with your new wide screen TV or projector!

Available Leather Colours:




Price dependant on fabric or type of leather used.













Recliner  106 93 103 $1475 $1099
Recliner 1 Arm 83 93 103 $1376 $999
Recliner No Arms  60 93 103 $1227 $899
Straight Console  30 93 103 $374 $326
Curved Console 50/30 93 103 $537 $466