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Fabric Sofa Brisbane

Fabric sofas are one of the most affordable and high quality pieces of furniture you can purchase. Our fabric sofas can be far more affordable compared to our leather sofas. However, at Devlin Lounges our fabric sofas have the same high quality you would expect from a leather sofa.  In Brisbane, Devlin Lounges is a sofa store that can offer a variety of diverse sizes and fabrics to suit any room. Fabric sofas allow you to display your personality through various Australian made and international fabrics brands. Our fabrics are sourced from either our sofa manufacturers fabric choices, which are more affordable than the leather alternative, or you can choose from the 1000’s of fabric choices from Warwick fabrics, Australia’s largest fabric house.

These fabrics come in colours as well as fabric patterns such as, blue, red, neutral, green and many more. Staff at Devlin Lounges Brisbane are more than happy to help you decide on the colour or patterned choices for your fabric sofa to enhance your space. 


Neutrals: Beige, Taupe, Grey, Cream, Brown, Black and White  Blue, Light Purple, Green
Red Green, Pastel Blues, Cobalt, Turquoise, White, Beige, Purple, 
Green  Gold, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, White, Orange, Grey, Purple, Wood 
Yellow  Purple, Blue, Green, Pink
Pink  Grey, Charcoal, Brown, Light Orange, Lime Green, marigold, white, lavender, black, Teal, Turquoise, Jute, Wood, Lemon Yellow 
Navy Orange, Neutrals, Yellow, Red, Pink

Although we have displayed some popular sofa fabric colours, you can choose various other colours or patterns to conmtrast or complement your current room to create a textured or bright space. 

Popular Types of Fabric

At Devlin Lounges Brisbane we have a variety of fabric options to choose from for your own sofa. These include linen, chenille, velvet and many more. These upholstered choices will enable you to design your own atmosphere within your space.

Velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics you can incorporate into your room. It has a suppleness on par with any other luxury fabric on the market to make your space warm and luxurious. A velvet sofa is easy to maintain as it is easier to clean before a spill sinks through the base coat.

Linen is another excellent choice for your fabric sofa as it is easy to care for and extremely durable. In recent years, linen sofas have become one of the most popular fabric choices on the market. Not only is it cosy, linen has a coastal and relaxed vibe.

Chenille is another popular fabric choice for couches as it is both durable and soft. It is one of the stronger fabrics available for a sofa as it has a nubby pile. Chenille exudes a softness and luxury which will give your room a warm and cosy feel.  At Devlin Lounges Brisbane we offer many more fabric options for your new sofa. 

Measurements for Your New Sofa

When buying a fabric couch always try to take your measurements from home so we can give you advice on what will fit into your space. This will help you get a sofa that will suit your space the best. 

Fabric Armchair 

Fabric armchairs are an excellent way to add both colour and rich texture to your space. With a variety of luxury and affordable fabrics to choose from you will be able to find a patterned fabric armchair that will fill your space. An accent chair in your space can either be used to complement your current interiors with colours and texture similar to your current setting, or to contrast with something bold and different. This can be done by choosing from a number of fabrics available at Devlin Lounges Brisbane. These fabrics will enable you to p[resent a striking choice with your current space or a subtle choice to match your current space.

Fabric accent chairs come in a variety of styles and designs. From a more traditional fabric armchair for a study or living room to a simple bedroom chair. Devlin Lounges offer affordable fabric armchairs that are either Australia made or imported from our supplier. Our Australian made fabric accent chairs are all constructed using furniture grade pine and plywood. The seat cushioning is composed of high quality Dunlop foam and webbing in the seat and back to give years of comfort and support. Devlin Lounges legs have several timber or metal legs to add to the aesthetic appeal of your new fabric sofa. Our Australian made couches offer a variety of cushion firmness to suit your comfort needs.

1 Seater Fabric Sofa 

Our 1 seater fabric sofa is a great option if you are short on space or want to add to your current furniture. A 1 seater fabric sofa can be used in many rooms such as a bedroom, study or living room. You can match your 1 seater with either a 2 seater couch, 2.5 seater fabric couch or 3 seater fabric couch to maximise your space. A 1 seater can be utilised to complement your current interiors with different colours and textures such as velvet. This can be done by choosing from the thousands of fabrics available at Devlin Lounges Brisbane.

2 Seater Fabric Sofa 

A 2 seater fabric sofa is a great size when you do not have much room to work with. If you are living in an apartment a 2 seater couch will be a great option to maximise your space. This gives you the opportunity to fit the sofa in the position you desire, rather than having to make do with a 3 seater that is too big for your space. It will give you enough room to lay on your sofa comfortably whilst watching your favourite tv show. Devlin Lounges Brisbane 2 seater fabric sofas are available in a variety of fabric colours and patterns to suit your space. 

2.5 Seater Fabric Sofa 

If you do not have the space for a 3 seater fabric lounge, try a 2.5 seater fabric sofa in a selection of fabrics colours or patterns. This will maximise your space whilst ensuring you are still comfortable. From the timeless classic lines of the Andie Fabric Sofa to the modern low profile look of the Memphis. At Devlin Lounges you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of fabric sofas. 

3 Seater Fabric Sofa

Our 3 seater fabric sofas are one of our most popular options with our customers. You can design your sofa as either an individual piece or match it with a single armchair to fill your space. A 3 seater fabric sofa offers both functionality and comfort for a larger living space. You will have the option to choose from the thousands of fabrics available for you perusal. These fabrics are available in a variety of fabric types, colours and patterns. These fabrics are available from our manufacturer and Warwick fabrics. Make sure to have your measurement of your space before visiting our Brisbane showroom or ordering online so we can ensure we select the right sofa for you. 


Although Devlin Lounges is based in Brisbane, we deliver across Australia in order to have your needs met. If you are ordering your fabric sofa online, feel free to contact us if you have any queries. Our fabric sofas and armchairs are very popular therefore, it is important to note shipping times.  Customers are more than welcome to visit our showroom in Wacol Brisbane, just 25 minutes away from Brisbane CBD.