3180 Corner Modular Lounge


A Leather Modular Lounge also Available in Fabric

The 3180 Corner Modular Lounge is one of our great additions to the Devlin Lounges Range of Modular Lounges with Recliners. It is available as a corner suite, or also available in many configurations from a  single recliner to a 2 seater, 3 seater, 2 seater recliner or a 3 seater recliner. It covers all possible options and not only is it stylish and modern – it is comfortable. At Devlin Lounges we have a low tolerance for discomfort. We like all our lounges to be made with a firm base so it will withstand years of use. Initially the seat will feel firm but it will become softer over time. It will become the piece of furniture you don’t want to give away because it has become so comfortable.


The 3180 is manufactured using internationally accepted framing materials such as hardwood, New Zealand Pine and plywood . The seat cushion is made of high resilience foam and the back cushion gives great support with ‘soft fill’ foam. The base has non sag springs to ensure it retains its strong resistance to collapsing over time that poorer quality


The 3180 is available in many combinations which you can see in our specifications chart below. All recliners are available as electric recliners or manual. Also, the full range of Warwick Fabrics is available if you would prefer to add a contrasting fabric to your room. Devlin Lounges is the place to go if you want your own piece of furniture in the fabric you want.

Available Leather Colours:





Also available in Warwick Fabric.
Price dependent on fabric or type of leather used.


Recliner  101 90 103 $1329
2 (2R) 158 90 103 $2221
3(2R) 210 90 103 $2998
Straight Console 31 90 103 $476
2 Seater 158 90 103 $1912
3 Seater 210 90 103 $2590
Middle Seat 57 90 103 $777
Corner $1581
Rec + S + Corner +S + S + S + Rec (pictured) 241/355 90 103 $6910


Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Recliner, 2(2R), 3(2R), Straight Console, 2 Seater, 3 Seater, Middle Seat, Middle Seat, Corner, Rec
+ S + Corner + S + S + S + Rec