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Explore a Diverse Range of Recliner Chairs: Leather, Fabric, Electric, and Manual Options at Devlin Lounges

Recliner chairs are a personal choice. If you are looking to buy a recliner, either larger or smaller it can be difficult to find the right size. At Devlin Lounges Recliner Chairs are one of our specialties. Many designs are available  to suit your body type. You can choose from our great range of leather recliner chairs. You can also get them made as a fabric recliner chair. If you are after a modern style we have one for you. If you are after a more traditional style we also have many designs to suit. You can order any of our chairs with either electric recliner or electric lift recliner mechanisms at a small extra charge. This will make it a little easier to get out of the chair and offers that taste of luxury that and electric recliner affords.

If you are looking for a certain colour to match an existing suite, or maybe contrast a fabric with it, we have a vast range of leather and fabric choices for you to peruse.

Manual Recliner Chairs in Brisbane

Manual recliner chairs are becoming harder to find in Brisbane. Devlin Lounges has many customers every week come into the showroom looking for a manual recliner. They tell us they are becoming rarer and harder to find in Brisbane. At Devlin Lounges you can still get your recliner chair with a manual mechanism. The best thing about a manual recliner mechanism is that there is less to go wrong with them. Also, there is no issue with power leads being tucked under carpets or left on the floor as a trip hazard.

Options and Construction

Devlin Lounges offer both imported and Australian Made Recliner Chairs for you to choose from. Our imported leather chairs are available in many different leather colours and are also available in our manufacturers fabric, or any Warwick Fabric that suits. The leather recliners  are constructed to give a robust base and use a combination of:

  • Hardwood,plywood and New Zealand Pine frames
  • 100% leather – no vinyl or faux leather is used or recommended
  • High quality metal zig-zag springs
  • Either pocket springs or high resilience foam, depending on the model
  • Glued, stapled and screwed for strength
  • 10 year frame warranty to give piece of mind

We are the source if you are looking for Recliner Chairs in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba and ship throughout Queensland and Australia. We offer a tremendous amount of flexibility and you can also order a recliner lounge suite if you are looking to fill your room.

Fabric Recliner in Brisbane

Devlin Lounges also offer all our recliners as fabric recliners. We deliver throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba for a small cost. We can offer the option of our suppliers fabrics which have a small selection of the most popular colours. You can also choose from the myriad of fabric choices from Warwick fabrics. Currently the most popular colours are light blues, and of course the tones through light to dark brown are very popular. This is because of the usability of these colours. The Warwick Fabrics range have a tremendous range of “Halo” fabrics. They are usually a polyester blend and have a stain resistant property that is fantastic if you have children or pets.

Leather Recliner in Brisbane

You can order great value leather recliners in Brisbane. Our full range of leather recliners are available in many different colours to suit your space. You have the choice of buffalo or cow hide. The cow hide leather is available at a 10% premium. Leather is a tremendous product that will stretch over time and soften to bring great comfort. It is easy to keep clean. Wipe it down with a wet rag once per week and use one of our approved cleaners and conditioners regularly. If you do this you will get years of use.

Recliner Chairs for Sale

Keep your eyes open! We are constantly changing our special offerings and regularly include recliner chairs as either a leather recliner chair, or a fabric recliner chair. Recliner Lounge Chairs are very popular in a family environment, or for retired singles who are looking for their perfect chair. Devlin Lounges offer many choices. If you are looking for a recliner chair price scroll through to the product and the pricing table. This will give our regular retail price. If you are after more than one leather recliner or fabric recliner we will see if we can do a better price for you.

Difficulty Finding the Right Chair?

Devlin Lounges offer many different models of Chairs. We know how difficult it can be to find a recliner chair to suit you individual body type. We have a range of recliner chairs that are different sizes. From high back to a lower back we hope you will be able to find something suitable. One thing to take into account when buying a recliner chair is that the chair is built “around” the mechanism. This means that the height and chair width are dictated to by the size of the mechanism. Unfortunately there is not much you can do to change the sizes. When measuring for reclner chair size, take into account the length of the bottom seat compared to your own lege from back to the back of the knee. Always account for how high the headrest sits to ensure you have the support required for your head. We do have some models with moveable headrests which can help the position of your head for comfort. The width of the chair is important to make sure you have space around your body to let air circulate and not become too hot in our humid Brisbane summers.

Backed by Our Warranty and Guarantee

Devlin Lounges has been providing quality recliner  chairs to the Brisbane market since 2003. Through this time we have always provided our substantial 10 year warranty on our timber frames and 2 year warranty on our mechanisms and all other components. With that said read what some of our satisfied cusomers have said about dealing with Devlin Lounges (all Google Reviews)

Patrick said:

“Very happy with the couches. I bought a two seater and a three seater. David provided excellent service and ensured that the couches matched (after I had selected a wrong model one online). Great build quality and finish, at a very reasonable price. I couldn’t be happier with the result”

Ryan said:

“Very happy with the couches. I bought a two seater and a three seater. David provided excellent service and ensured that the couches matched (after I had selected a wrong model one online). Great build quality and finish, at a very reasonable price. I couldn’t be happier with the result”