Hazman Leather Recliner Chairs


A Great Recliner Chair for Small Space

The Hazman recliner chair ticks all the boxes. It has a wide seat that allows for the flow of air around the body, thin arms that do not take up too much space and a high back that will ensure tall people get the support they are seeking for the back of the neck. The Hazman recliner chair is available in either leather or fabric and is one of our wide selection of recliner chairs available from Devlin Lounges


The Hazman is available in many combinations which you can see in our specifications chart below. All recliners are available as electric recliners or manual. Also, the full range of Warwick Fabrics is available if you would prefer to add a contrasting fabric to your room. Devlin Lounges is the place to go if you want your own piece of furniture in the fabric you want.

Available Leather and Fabric Colours:





Also available in Warwick Fabric.
Price dependent on fabric or type of leather used.


Recliner  78 100 107 $1225
2 (2R) 140 100 107 $2175
3(2R) 192 100 107 $2974
2 Seater 140 100 107 $1858
3 Seater 192 100 107 $2500
3 Seat + R + R $4950


Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Recliner, 2 seater (2R), 3 seater (2R), 2 Seater, 3 Seater, 3 Seater + R + R