Piccadilly Leather Lounge with Recliners


A New Best Seller with Superb Flexibility

The Piccadilly Leather lounge with recliners is the ultimate in flexibilty


As with all our lounge suites the construction is robust, with high quality metal recliners mechanisms, hardwood, New Zealand Pine and PLywood frames.You can order the Piccadilly leather lounge with recliners or without in a fabric or 100% real leather in a variety of colours to suit your colour scheme.


The Piccadilly Leather Lounge with Recliners is available in a variety of configurations from a single recliner chair, to a recliner suite made up of either a 2 seater recliner, 3 seater recliner or even a corner recliner suite. With the Piccadilly corner recliner suite you can add seats or reduce them to fit into your space. No more are you dictated to by the retailer as to the size lounge you can order. At Devlin Lounges order the lounge you want, in the fabric you want also, in the size you want. It couldn’t be easier.

Electric Recliner Mechanism – $250
Electric Lift Recliner Mechanism – $350

Available Leather Colours:




Price dependant on fabric or type of leather used.









1.5S (ERHR) 1 arm


100 92 100 $2251

1.5S (no arms)


76 92 100 $1285

1.5S ERHR (no arms)


76 92 100 $2074



188 123 100 $1572
1.5S Chaise 100 92 100 $1903


Large Straight Console


45 92 100 $788
1S (1 arm) ERHR 92 100 $1940
1S ERHR 82 92 100 $2023
1S ER (no arms) 58 92 100 $1811
1S (no arms) 58 92 100 $1058