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Leather Dining Chairs in Brisbane with High Back and Low Back

Devlin Lounges, located in the Western Subrubs of Brisbane have beeen supplying quality 100% real leather dining chairs to the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba market for over 20 years. How do they do it? By not compromising on quality. With genuine hardwood frames, the robustness of the frame will ensure these great quality high back and low back genuine leather dining chairs will last the test of time.

Is Leather Good for Dining Chairs?

Devlin Lounges are strong advocates for using genuine leather in dining chairs. One reason customers seek out genuine leather dining chairs is because of poor experiences with imitation leather. These are sometimes called “synthetic leather”, “leather match”, “faux leather” or “vegan leather”. Other “genuine leather” products being sold in online stores and brick and mortar stores include “bonded leather” and “bi-cast leather”.

These “leathers” all have one thing in common – They are not leather. Manufacturers use the leather name because it is renowned for quality. The longevity of genuine leather is renowned. The softness and suppleness of genuine leather cannot be duplicated by any other material. Yes, leather chairs are more expensive than these cheap substitutes, but what you lose on the cost, you gain on the longevity. The inferior products are well known for peeling after a couple of years and unfortunately the customer then has to look at replacing them. Wouldn’t it be better to buy a quality product initially and have the chairs for years than have to replace them every few years because of peeling?

Different Colour Leather Dining Chairs for Sale

Customers sometimes enquire “What is the best leather colour for my dining chairs?” The simple answer is to match it to their sofa if in the same open plan living area, but nothing is ever that simple, right?

When perusing numerous blogs and stories regarding interior design and the use of colour in dining chairs there are many strategies that can be used by the budding interior designer. As mentioned, matching your new leather chairs to your sofa or other furniture in the room is the safe bet. Matching a timber leg to a dining table of entertainment unit is easy. Why not be bold and choose something different but with the same tones to really make your dining table pop?

The use of a more muted tone on your chairs can make your dining area a seperate area, not part of the same open plan living area that has become so popular. If your sofa is black, why not make your dining area complement this by having your dining chairs made in a grey leather, or  add some colour with a white or ivory, maybe a lime. Your home is an extension of your personality.

The concept of adding colour to your room may be challenging because it doesn’t suit you personality. In this case the use of more muted tones such as taupe, chocolate and cappuccino may be the right choice for you.

Black Dining Chairs in Brisbane

Black dining chairs are still extremely popular. With the consumption of food and beverages occuring there are occasions when spillages can happen. This is where the black leather dining chairs come into their own. Obviously being dark there is limited opportunity for the chairs to stain, but this is one of the advantages of leather. Just wipe it off and your chairs are like brand new.

Black Velvet Dining Chairs

If you are after something a little special a black velvet dining chair can be one of the really special additions to your home. Velvet has that soft luxurious feel that makes your time spent around the dining table not only comfortable but adds a sense of styel only matched by leather. You just don’t get the same feel from any of the leather substitutes such as faux leather or bonded leather. The quality of the velvet feel fabrics from warwick Fabrics is second to none. They have several products that will fit the bill if you are looking for the soft and supple feel of velvet.

Red Dining Chairs in Brisbane

Make a statement and install red dining chairs into your dining space. Red is the colour that will liven a room and give unsurpassed freshness to your room. Our chairs can all be upholstered in red leather but you also have the choice of ordering your chairs in either leather or fabric. If you are looking for more choice in reds there is the option of ordering red fabric. At Wawrick Fabrics there are many choices in fabric textures and tones that are sure to suit your budget and your decor.

Red Velvet Dining Chairs

Considered ageless, red velvet chairs find a home in many suituations. From more established properties that reek of class, to more modern homes that want the stand out factor that red vlevet chairs can provide velvet chairs in red are a go to option. Orders can be placed in sets of 2, sets of 4, sets of 6 and sets of 8, or as many as is required to fill your table.


Neutrals: Beige, Taupe, Grey, Cream, Brown, Black and White Blue, Light Purple, Green
Red Green, Pastel Blues, Cobalt, Turquoise, White, Beige, Purple,
Green Gold, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, White, Orange, Grey, Purple, Wood
Yellow Purple, Blue, Green, Pink
Pink Grey, Charcoal, Brown, Light Orange, Lime Green, marigold, white, lavender, black, Teal, Turquoise, Jute, Wood, Lemon Yellow
Navy Orange, Neutrals, Yellow, Red, Pink

What is the Best Design For Dining Chairs

While of course it comes down to personal preference, Devlin Lounges provide several styles for the consumer. The most obvious method of differentiating leather dining chairs is by either high back chairs or low back chairs.

High Back Dining Chairs

High back chairs tend to support the upper back and have more of a prescence in your dining area. In an open plan living area high back dining chairs can add a feeing of grandeur that make the user feel they are sitting on a throne. This may be a little liberal with the description, but the general feeling is there. A high back dining chair makes you feel you are sitting down for an experience and not just “eating dinner”. For all the feelings of grandeur in a open area, in a closed area the high back chair can can add a feeling of oppression. This is where the low back dining chair is an option.

Low Back Dining Chairs

Low back dining chairs have been very popular in Brisbane for many years, if not decades. With the light warm feelings that permeate the local architecture a low back dining chair available in leather or fabric is the perfect accompaniment to your dining area. Devline Lounges Brisbane offer our best selling Sunset dining chair which is supremely comfortable with a low back supporting the shoulder blades and a broad seat that allows a feeling of comfort second to none. The Sunset chairs can be upholstered in either leather or your choice of Warwick Fabric.

What are the Most Comfortable Dining Chairs?

We may be biased but we think ours are very comfortable. Depending on the cover, you will have either the softness and warmth of fabric or the suppleness of leather. Devlin Lounges leather dining chairs are usually made with a faom bottom cushion to give years of comfort. Considering how much time is spent in your dining chairs enjoying your meal and witty conversation you don’t want your guests to be wriggling in their seat trying to get comfortable. Our timber chairs have their own benefits with their low maintenance being a major winning point. Simply wipe it down and the chair is clean again. Obviously our timber chairs are cheap dining chairs, price that is. They are still made with the same quality robust hardwood frame that will give years of use. For a growing family, simple wooden dining chairs are a great option as they will withstand any destruction kids can throw at them.